With over 14 years of massage experience and ongoing training and education, Krystal has spent the majority of her life immersed in dance, sports and all things that flow with having a natural healthy lifestyle. 
Lead by her intuition and reinforced by her knowledge of anatomy, Krystal naturally flows to where she is needed most. She incorporates stretching, deep tissue massage, and awareness into her work in order to give you and your body much-needed attention and relief. 
Krystal enjoys using massage as a tool to heal others, especially if it can help them achieve their health and fitness goals.  She always has maintained a healthy and active lifestyle.  Her background in fitness started with dance, concentrating mainly on Classical Ballet, Jazz, and Lyrical. She took her love of dance and became a dance instructor to aspire others to find that same love.  She enjoyed the fitness world so much that she became a Certified Personal Trainer, once again wanting to help others find a happier and healthier version of themselves. Having competed in a few fitness competitions and currently enjoying crossfit, powerlifting and dancing, she understands how the body is suppose to feel and move naturally.  She was even married at the starting line of a Tough Mudder in 2012. Healing a person's body means treating the physical stresses not only of the body but within the mind.  Krystal mindset is "we have one body, we must take care of it on all levels."  Massage can be a all encompassing healing experience for the mind and body.